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True Reality Geospatial Solutions (TRGS), LLC is an international company providing remote sensing solutions including sensor hardware (namely LiDAR and oblique camera arrays), processing software and product generation services.  The company’s founding members are experts in the fields of forest ecology, remote sensing, and engineering. TRGS provides aerial LiDAR hardware systems including a UAS-based LiDAR system (Li-Air) and a multispectral system (Li-Spectrum) as well as a terrestrial LiDAR hardware, vehicle-based LiDAR system (Li-Mobile). TRGS also provides a powerful post-processing software called LiDAR360 which has the capacity to manipulate, visualize, process, and analyze massive point cloud data. In addition, TRGS also provides comprehensive and professional solutions for 3D data collection services, precision forestry, power line detection and monitoring, digital elevation model generation, digital city construction, antique 3D reconstruction, disaster management and land property surveying.