Mangrove Forest – Digital Model Generation

Lidar can be used to extract topographic and ground feature information to generate high resolution digital elevation models (DEM) and digital surface models (DSM). Its high density allows us to create these digital models with precision greater than a centimeter and has quickly become a standard surveying method due to the reliability in quality and the efficiency at which it can be produced.

Collecting Lidar is much easier and more precise as compared to traditional methods such as Theodolite, Total Station or photogrammetric surveying. A Lidar laser pulse has the ability to penetrate vegetation canopy and is used to capture the detailed structure of ground covered by vegetation.

Point cloud data(left); point cloud classification(middle); DEM(right)


Mangrove Forest National Nature Reserve Zone terrain reconnaissance Project – Collection and Processing

1. Li-Air was used to collect point cloud data of mangrove forest.

Collecting data in the Mangrove Forest with Li-Air


ALG: 50m

Speed: 6m/s

Point density: 200 pts/m2

Point cloud data from Mangrove Forest


2.Point cloud classification: Ground points were identified for generating digital models in our Li-Forest software.

Ground point classification


3.Digital model Generation: Li-Air was used to create the digital surface models.

DEM(left), DSM(right) (0.5m resolution)