Providing customers with the foundation, car, and low altitude, different scales, different densities of any kind of laser scanning data collection,processing and modeling work. Laser radar real-time, proactive, quick access to the three-dimensional information on the city buildings, forests, farmland and other large close-range goals of the acquired data can be automatically processed and model reconstruction, can be widely used mapping urban areas, large-scale cultural relics. City 3D spatial data and surface image data acquisition, processing and reconstruction of close-range three-dimensional measurement system. Car lidar can also land surface features of digital orthophoto (DOM), a digital surface model (DSM), digital elevation model (DEM), digital line of Figure (DLG) and digital three-dimensional model for data acquisition.

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Airborne laser radar system integrated laser radar (LiDAR), Global Positioning System (GPS), inertial measurement unit (IMU) and aerial digital photogrammetry and other advanced technology, is the latest technology currently in the field of aerospace remote sensing photogrammetry to quickly get high precision and high spatial resolution digital terrain model, then obtain a vertical structure of the surface morphology of an object, having a fast, efficient and accurate positioning and so on.


UAV LiDAR point cloud data (winter)