Li-Air integrates a high accuracy Lidar sensor with an UAV, combined with advanced navigation system, POS (positioning) system (IMU and GPS), storage system and self-developed operation system.

Li-Air has proved successful in providing geospatial information with higher precision. Li-Air is an active system that will not be influenced by light, clouds, shadows, etc.

Our UAV Lidar scanning system provides professional, reliable and safe solution. With highly integrated structure, weight of the equipment can be reduced as low as possible, creating room for more payloads. The lightness enables Li-Air to cover a greater distance in a single flight.

  • Compact, light, durable.
  • Compatibility: Li-Air can be integrated with various types of Lidar sensors, IMU and GPS according to specific demands. The Lidar scanning system can also be used in various unmanned airborne platforms, including multicopter, helicopter, fixed wing UAV, unmanned airship, etc.
  • Greater precision and high density.
  • Rich information: Li-Air is capable of capturing rich structural information of ground features. With multi-angle Lidar sensors, Li-Air can obtain data on the sides of buildings, under trees or bridges, and in shadows.
  • Saving time and manpower: Ground or forest features can be scanned in a fraction of time with very little manpower.

We provide three options of Lidar sensors with different technical specifications. (See table below for major parameters, for more information, please contact us).

Lidar sensor specifications:


IMU specifications:


Performance during GNSS Outages:


UAV specifications:


Unmanned airship specifications: