Li-Mobile Lidar Scanning System is designed to offer customers ahigh-accuracy, integrated geographic product.Li-Mobile can rapidly acquire a substantial amount of highly detailed geospatial information. It is a vehicle-based system which comprises the Lidar sensor, the Global Positioning System (GPS), the POS system and the control system. Li-Mobile can be easily installed in a wide range of vehicles for surveying, engineering measurements and other mapping needs. Additional cameras and other sensors can be incorporated into the Li-Mobile system to collect extra information.

Li-Mobile provides different resolutions and precisions to meet the requirements of various kinds of projects. With high precision(<5mm) and high density (>100pts/m2), Li-Mobile can be used in construction, high-solution digital terrain model (DTM) generation, engineering surveys, relics restoration, quality control, railway network, etc. Li-Mobile can also be applied in many other projects, such as power network inspection, terrain mapping, cadastral mapping, planning, land use inspection, general mapping, harbor and shoreline mapping, etc.

  • Precise GPS, INS equipment.
  • Small, light and easy to install.
  • Time saving: Scanning rate reaches 900,000 points per second, much faster than traditional survey.
  • Cost saving: With Li-Mobile system, engineers only need to drive one pass to get the rich geospatial information of surroundings.
  • Good at corridor projects, such as power line inspection, high way mapping.

We provide different Lidar sensors with different technical specifications. (See table below for major parameters, for more information, please contact us).

Lidar Sensor Specifications:

Panoramic Camera Specifications:


IMU Specifications:


IMU Specifications: