LiForest (LiDAR software for forestry applications) provides a platform that enables users to freely manipulate the LiDAR point cloud and extract useful information specially for forest studies. It consists of several primary modules for LiDAR point cloud data processing, including point cloud visualization, LiDAR-based forest metric calculation, digital model generation, regression models and individual tree segmentation.


Provides a series of statistical parameters related to point cloud and forest metrics, which covers elevation metrics, intensity metrics, canopy cover, LAI and gap fraction.


Aids users with common data conversion tools and provides special LiDAR data management tools such as filtering, normalization, and other necessary tools.


Captures useful terrain and forest information by generating digital elevation models (DEMs), digital surface models (DSMs), and canopy height models (CHMs); also provides mainstream regression models for forest parameter estimation.


Provides CHM-based tree segmentation algorithms, and direct point cloud segmentation to extract tree location, crown size, and tree height.